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The EzRecorder software program lets you record live audio streams and play a pre-recorded sound at the same time. The program allows you to record a live broadcast that comes on the Internet and even pause it while you check on an audio feed that you already recorded earlier.

The EzRecorder still continues to record the audio feed that you paused so you can go back to it and listen to it again at the point of pause.

The program lets you record directly onto the soundcard of your computer. The program lets you record melodies on the web, even your personal and business voice conversations on voice applications like Skype or MSN can be saved for future reference.

The EzRecorder even makes recording external devices possible like guitar, voice on a microphone, a person singing karaoke and a lot more. The EzRecorder is an easy to use program and the user interface makes it effortless for anyone to use the application.

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